Remove Warts Using This Simple Method

Save your money and forget about all expensive treatments of warts because you can heal them by using only a regular duct tape.

Warts are caused by the HPV virus  and there are  100 different kinds of this virus.

The size results with benign growths but there are rare cases when it can be not only ugly but complicated too.

The warts that are most common among us can be removed easily,with believe it or not duck tape…

You might be wondering :How to Remove Warts Using Duct Tape?

Well here is a  checked method!

You know that  virus disease usually spreads on other parts of the body and even cross to another body.

So, you need to isolate it with duct tape!

We must add a note that it will take some time so be patient because it worth it .

You ill need to :


-Put a piece of duct tape over the wart itself


-Let it sit  for 6 days.

Remember :

-Change the tape if you need to, but don’t leave the wart to “breathe”.


-After 6 days rinse the wart with water, do it for 10 minutes and rub it with a pumice stone.


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