Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pinata Birthday Party

My son loved this and his friends were thrilled from this birthday party surprise.

It is easy and cheap. You will need an hour and a half time to make it.

You will need one balloon, one old notebook, glue, paper, and some flour.

Step one – mix the flour with some water to make a paste

Step 2 blow the ballon

Step 3 – use the paste to glue the paper on the ballon

Step 4 – let it dry for 24 hours

Step 5 – pop the balloon ,cut the green paper and then glue it on the ball ( if its not dry wait for another 12 hours)

Step 6 – fill the pinata with candies and close the bottom

Step 7 – on a white paper drw eyes and mouth, first glue a piece of red or blue paper like a mask and then finish it with eyes and mouth

You can also print some applications and glue them on cocktail cobbles. Use them to decorate your little sandwiches.

And now we can party 🙂


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