Since I Began to Put An Ice Cube On My Head I Sleep Better

Feeling young and full of energy again is possible thanks to this simple method of using ice cubes every day.

All you need to do is to put an ice cube on the place where your neck and head connect.

Chinese acupuncture calls this point the Feng Fu.

Then hold the cube for 20 minutes and if it melts you can replace it.

Don’t worry the freezing sensation will be gone after 30 seconds, and you will feel heat.

The result is euphoria thanks to the cube,endorphin is released into the blood stream.

Other benefits :

• Improved digestion
• Better sleep
• Better breathing and cardiovascular system
• No headaches, toothaches and joint pain
• No neurological disorders and spine changes
• No colds
• No problems with the thyroid gland
• No gastrointestinal and genital inflammations and diseases
• No cellulite
• No asthma
• No depression, fatigue, insomnia and stress
• No arthritis, hypertension and hypotension
• Aids obesity and malnutrition
• Aids infertility, frigidity and impotence

The ice cube will balances your entire body.


Don’t practice this treatment if you have epilepsy and schizophrenia.

And also avoid it if you have a pacemaker or you are pregnant.


Live a healthy and happy life …


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