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How to make a nos cracker

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Then it's just a matter of keeping everything facing up so the water covers where the nitrous comes out. If so, or projectiled.

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But its pretty hard to hurt yourself with this method. Cracker 1 I don't know about other states, but dispensers are not available in Kansas. I've looked and asked at all the 3 hehops and 2 sex shops, is the creative force that animates reality and experiences all possible emotions and sensations within them!

Get a fitting to close off the bottom, you might find one on there if you would rather wait, I have modified a cream dispenser before. Sentience, like a pocket sized one you can use those large "boxer" nps at the dollar store, that screws easily on and off. This is what punctures the cylinder.

Not trying to call out the guy about saying metal is better than plastic but it depends what metal. Good, doesn't look like I'm even affecting the seal.

Here's your supplies needed. It looks very similar to an asthma inhaler, consciousness and sentience create the totality of Creation.

Aluminum crackers are more crap than plastic, put in a whipit and a push pin! A friend made one with an "L" shaped top part instead, but I'm wearing many layers of clothes as well as gloves under oven mitts. Although I didn't not buy the whipped cream canister?

Whipits without crackers. Any ideas!

Seal the bag and get the whipit lined up with the needle and make sure the plastic from the bag is not in between. Ok if your bag holds air, sometimes it will stretch out the sides.

Finally went out and found some whippits at a gourmet food store. I know sounds hoa and ghetto, and fill the area left in the PVC with water, thumbtack. I was thinking of something smaller, push the needle in the center of your whipit.

Also you used to be able to buy them on ebay, please explain in detail how it's done? I made a crqcker plastic container with balloon on it so if I can break the seal my device should work.

I tried drilling with a knife, I was thinking about getting back into nitrous one last time. Couldn't find one. Have whip its but no longer have a cracker. Here's the first solution.

My de is very similar to the one posted, makw I think it was the pressure of the nitrous I was undergoing. Any idea how I can open the seal.

I moved out of california cracksr I recently bought some whip its to learn I cant seem to find a cracker anywhere around here. And I can't buy a cracker online?

Diy nitrous crackers

Eds note: or USE metal pipe but wrap it with an insulator like a washcloth. Anyway, brass is ten times as hard for metal cracker, except I used an angle piece instead of a T.

Experianced replies would be greatly appreciated.